Game Over

I finally completed my new game Mazeband. It was completed in about siz days. So I can say that I met the 7DRL challenge.

Download a copy of Mazeband right now.

Make sure to click on "request download ticket". Then click on "download". Sorry I could not put this game on my hosting service. It is currently down at the moment. This was the best free alternative I could find.

Play the game by navigating with the number pad on your keyboard. Get all the gold in the least amount of turns. See how good a score you can achieve (lower scores are better). I hope to have a more exciting game next year. Peace out.

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Jeff Sinasac said...

I'm trying to download Mazeband, to play it for my youtube channel ROGUELove. The old links all lead to sketchy places, though. Do you still have a copy? Is there any way I could get it?

Thanks so much!