Xero to the Rescue

I have had a number of characters that have died in Angband recently. It was very depressing. I tried a number of different races. None of them seemed to help. So now I have returned to my staple. I am running a human mage.

There have been two early developments that make me thing this character may be around for a while. The first was that I found the magic book "Tenser's Transformations". I hurried up to get to character level 32. Now I can cast the Elemental Brand spell.

This is a money making operation. I guy arrows from the shops. After branding them, I sell them back to the sops. With the proceeds from my elemental branding business, I have purchased all kinds of gain stats potions. My intelligence is maxed out. That comes in real handy for a mage.

The second reason I think this character might make it for a while is that I just found the boots of speed +8. That is enough said about that.