Monster Supremecy is Hard

7DRL entry Monster Supremecy has a bit of a role reversal. You are a monster who wants to see the light of day. You got to fight the other monsters, and climb up out of the dungeon.

I found the game a bit hard. The second or third monster I fight usually kills me. I try to arrange the battles so that I fight one monster at a time. My HP just go down to zero.

Is there any potion I can drink to replenish my health? How come my health just doesn't regenerate? Aside from that, the game was okay. Monster bitmap graphics were okay. Dungeon looked good.

Playing the Seven Day Band

Okay. Initially I played the Seven Day Band thinking it had something to do with a rock band. Nope. It had a lot to do with Angband. LOL.

This game is very Roguelike, with a unique twist that you answer questions to help customize the game. Most of the questions seem to be about enemies. The choices you make get stored in a text file. Then the game uses that data to control behavior.

One other thing that seemed unique was that when monsters were killed and dropped gold, a yellow rectangle would fall down the screen and land at the bottom. Hmmm. I wonder if that is anything more than a gold count down there?

Getting Booty

I played Booty Seekers. At first I did not know what to expect with that title. Turns out it is the pirate sort of booty. Graphics were really good in this one.

Initially I got raided by ninjas. I had a choice to fight or flee. I fought. Wrong choice. They robbed me. Luckily I hunted down another ship and got my revenge.

How do people make great games like this in only seven days? I want to know so I can do the same. This one may not be entirely Roguelike, but it is turn based, and has a hex grid. Good times I tell you.

Lost Patience With Infinite Energy

I tried out 7DRL entry Infinite Energy. It seems like a cross between billiards and Tron. I was able to control a ball. Another ball heads towards me shooting some sort of laser. I assume I need to get to the spiral.

I muscle my way past the enemy. Could not figure out how to kill the enemy. However I die every time I get to the spiral. WTF? At least the thing is turn based. It is not a video game. It also does not feel very Roguelike.

The game itself looks okay. The physics behind the balls feels right. I just got tired of getting killed in the game.

HUGE is Polished

I downloaded and played the 7DRL "Huge" today. It requires the Unity web player. I knew I was in for a treat when the splash screen had some neat fire effects.

The pixel graphics are good. There is some tight smoke effects on the screen. You get a HP bar on top of the screen when you fight enemies. The balance in this game seems good.

Not sure what my goal in this game is. But the thing feels really polished. People seem to be able to knock out better and better games in the 7DRL.

CARL is Hard

I played this 7DRL called CARL. The first time I played, I was boxed in by walls on all sides. WTF? Then I realized it was a random maze generation that might do that. So I restarted and I was good to go.

You got to get a red dot, then proceed to the red square. Sounds easy enough. But there are a lot of enemies. And they come at you. I played the game at least five times and died every single time.

This was some dudes first 7DRL entry. Looked good for a first try. I just wish it were a little easier to get off the first level.

Copy Frogue is Frogger

Tested out a couple more 7DRL entries today. Started with Anoxic Depths. The story is about the Yendori people. Relics of them have been found in a cave. I guess you are supposed to get rich by finding some of them. On game start, there is a slider to choose how male or female you are. I did not know this could be represented by a sliding scale. I chose to dive in the water at the bottom of the cave. All I saw was a Japanese looking character in the middle of the screen. LOL wut?

Next I played Copy Frogue. It took no time for me to realize that this is a Frogger clone, roguelike style. The game was hard. I never made it across all the lanes. The one time I got close, I drowned.

Finally I tried "You Have Only One Dog". It downloads as an executable. However that executable is only the installer. The game was made with GameMaker Studio. It has a small screen. It looks like the controls were drawn with pencil and paper. I laughed when I saw a dude exclaim, "I am le shop keeper." Unfortunately I let my dog starve. Not sure what any of this has to do with Roguelikes, other than it was turn based.

Get Your Koobas On

I am still checking out finished 7DRL entries. Today I started with Feeding Frenzy. The author provided "blog notes" which was a nice touch. Looks like the guy did five full days of coding. You eat power ups int he game. You can also eat some other monsters. I went down a level and got stuck in a room with no exits.

Next I played Koobas. The file I downloaded was named "". The game was written in Java. I appreciated that there was a batch file to run the game. There was a 3D rotating room as a splash screen. There was a Doom style interface during game play. You hold a sword that sways. Your FPS is shown in the upper left hand corner. Move toward the bars to get the gates to raise and let you pass. The bats beat me up in this game.

Finally I played "We Have a Bug". It started with a screen showing the 10 commandments of doom. WTF? You are a little devil that can move around an essentially empty screen. There is an anarchy symbol in the middle of the room. I never saw any enemies. And I never got out of the initial room.