Copy Frogue is Frogger

Tested out a couple more 7DRL entries today. Started with Anoxic Depths. The story is about the Yendori people. Relics of them have been found in a cave. I guess you are supposed to get rich by finding some of them. On game start, there is a slider to choose how male or female you are. I did not know this could be represented by a sliding scale. I chose to dive in the water at the bottom of the cave. All I saw was a Japanese looking character in the middle of the screen. LOL wut?

Next I played Copy Frogue. It took no time for me to realize that this is a Frogger clone, roguelike style. The game was hard. I never made it across all the lanes. The one time I got close, I drowned.

Finally I tried "You Have Only One Dog". It downloads as an executable. However that executable is only the installer. The game was made with GameMaker Studio. It has a small screen. It looks like the controls were drawn with pencil and paper. I laughed when I saw a dude exclaim, "I am le shop keeper." Unfortunately I let my dog starve. Not sure what any of this has to do with Roguelikes, other than it was turn based.

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