Legend of the Green Dragon

A friend of mine alerted me to the Legend of the Green Dragon (LoGD) web site. This is an online type of adventure game. It is turn based. However you must click through menus to figure out where to go. At first I was taken a little aback. The initial screen told me I coud not use chatspeak (you knowm using abbreviations). You also have a limited number of turns per day. Finally you need to log in frequently. Otherwise they will delete your account.

There were some other disappoints when I started playing the game. I started out with 50 gold pieces. That only allowed me to buy a rake to use as a weapon. The lowest weapon I wanted cost 2000 gold pieces. Luckily I was able to gather a bunch of gold in battle. I also fought many more battles than my original 10 limit. You get to earn extra battles if you do well in fights.

I did find it weird that I gained a lot of experience, but my character did not level up. Then when all my turns were over, I got the chance to challenge my "master". Not sure who my master was. Not sure if I still have the same master. All I do know is that I proved myself worthy, and beat my master. That is when I advanced in character level.

There were some gems during the heat of battle. I got in a few power moves. I even got a double power move, doing a lot of damage against one opponent. Many of the monsters were named humorously. I got this message when I took out one opponent: "You have sent this student to permanent detention."

I will see how this game progresses as I return day after day to continue LoGD.