Plight of the Halfling

I spend a lot of time playing Angband these days. My name is Thread. I am a Hobbit Warrior. My super strength and dexterity allow me to swing my katana fast to chop down my enemies. These stats do not come naturally. I wield rings and gloves that boost my abilities.

I am a bit concerned about my health. Not that I am sick. But I do not have the reserves required to take many blows in battle. I search for the potions to cure this deficiency. But old Drago in the black market refuses to stock such items. I return time and time again to find other nick nacks for sale there.

I cannot fault Drago too much. He did find and sell me a wonderful chain mail that resists all kinds of attacks. Good stuff. Now if only I could locate an item to prevent the attacks that leave me blind, I shall be ready to dive into the dungeons fo Angband.