Pablo Quest

I just downloaded and tried out Pablo Quest. At first it seemed pretty slick. The dungeon walls were drawn nicely. The keyboard controls were intuitive. Things were looking good.

Then I attacked some monsters. And the game froze up on me. I run Windows 7. I restarted the application. As soon as I got into a fight, the game froze up again. Dang.

The Pablo Quest home page declares that the game is bad ass. I want to believe it. But I need to be able to get past the problems with the game first.

Useless Death

I had a pretty good human fighter going in Angband. Just found Calris and had enchanted the hit up to +9. Then I went down into the dungeon. I felt sleepy and knew I needed to take a nap. But I was kicking butt in Angband.

Next thing I knew I fell asleep. When I woke up, my fighter was dead. What the heck happened? I had pressed the key to search for a door. Then I fell asleep. I guess my poor fighter kept searching.

Eventually the fighter got hungry, was not fed, and died due to starvation. Damn. Time to institute a new rule. If I ever had a good player and start to get tired, then it is time to end the game. Period.

The Trident of Wrath

I've got a fighter that is coming along quite nicely in Angband. Been experimenting with different weapons to get the maximum damage per round. Just found a Trident of Wrath with +2 attack speed. It does over 300HP of damage per turn. Yes.

The fighter can automatically pseudo identify items. I hate when this detects an item being magical, but it is actually cursed. I have to waste a spell of identify to find out the magic worked in a negative way on the item.

My speed is up to +14 now. However it comes with me having to take off one of my items of resistance. So now I only have a shield of Elvenkind which resists cold, fire, etc. That means I take one third damage from those attacks. Might have to put back on a second item of resistance to shrink that to one ninth damage.

All of my stats are maxxed out except for wisdom and intelligence. I can see invisible creatures, as well as resist blindness. I got free action. Now I still am very careful around basilisks. However I am starting to be confident in even the lower levels of the dungeon. Will keep you posted on this characters progress. Oh yeah. His name is Fighter.

The Balrog of Moria

I was wandering around deep in the dungeon. It was around dungeon level 50. Saw a huge number of demons and such congregating in a room. So I started attacking them. The problem was that they kept summoning their friends. I would kill until my HP got low. Then I would teleport out of there.

Eventually they burned up a lot of my spell books. The good books remained. But I lost the ability to teleport. Then I found out why there were so many demons in town. I was up against the Balrog of Moria. He was tough to kill. But I got the job done. I thought I would finish off all his minions before returning to town. No suck luck.

I was a bit handicapped by the loss of my spell books. Yes I should have been carrying multiple copies of each of them. I would get close to getting the demons under control. Then someone would summon a bunch more. The lesser balrogs were tough to beat. Eventually my HP got low. So I read a scroll of word of recall. It was too bad because I did not pick up any treasure from defeating all the demons. I did raise a couple character levels. That is significant because it takes a couple hundred thousand experience points for each level.

The Amulet of Sustenance

As I get lower in the Angband dungeon, I carry around a bunch of Potions of Restore Life Levels. I don't want to waste time coming back up to town to buy them. And I want my kills to count towards my experience, even after somebody drain my life.

I was exited to buy an Amulet of Sustenance. It claims to sustain your life force. There is only just one problem. Monsters are draining my life force left and right. I guess I don't understand exactly what this amulet does. Might be time to switch it out for another more useful amulet.

Now I am back to carrying Potions of Restore Life Levels. There are too many opponents who are draining. I did hit the high score on the Angband Hall of Fame. And I am still alive ... for now.

Meeting Medusa

For a very long time, I have been very conservative with my Angband character. Did not dive too deep into the dungeon. However to make it to the next couple character levels, I needed harder monsters to fight. So I decided to go down a few dungeon levels.

I was careful with the various evil hounds that attacked. Then I ran into Medusa in a corridor. This was lucky because she was summoning hydras a bit. I hasted myself, cast my shield spell, and also casted a resistance spell. You never know when extra resistance protection can save you.

My Lance of the Eorlings weapon smite Medusa quite a few times. I guess she counts as an evil creature, so I do a nice average 357 points of damage per round. It was disturbing that Medusa's hit points were not draining quick enough. However I kept up the attack until I had her head. Then I finished up, bumping off the hydras she summoned. The bummer was that she only dropped gold for me. No artifacts were found.