The Trident of Wrath

I've got a fighter that is coming along quite nicely in Angband. Been experimenting with different weapons to get the maximum damage per round. Just found a Trident of Wrath with +2 attack speed. It does over 300HP of damage per turn. Yes.

The fighter can automatically pseudo identify items. I hate when this detects an item being magical, but it is actually cursed. I have to waste a spell of identify to find out the magic worked in a negative way on the item.

My speed is up to +14 now. However it comes with me having to take off one of my items of resistance. So now I only have a shield of Elvenkind which resists cold, fire, etc. That means I take one third damage from those attacks. Might have to put back on a second item of resistance to shrink that to one ninth damage.

All of my stats are maxxed out except for wisdom and intelligence. I can see invisible creatures, as well as resist blindness. I got free action. Now I still am very careful around basilisks. However I am starting to be confident in even the lower levels of the dungeon. Will keep you posted on this characters progress. Oh yeah. His name is Fighter.


Brian W. said...

This is probably too old of a post for this to be relevant to you, but I'm pretty sure you can only get to 1/3 damage from basic elements no matter how many times you have that resistance. You can stack that with temporary resistance (from a potion or resistances of scarabtarices or whatever) to get to 1/9, but not with two items of the same resistance.

Maintenance Man said...

Aha. Thanks Brian. I thought multiple resistance items were cumulative. I guess I need to use temporary resistance to get to 1/9th damage.