Meeting Medusa

For a very long time, I have been very conservative with my Angband character. Did not dive too deep into the dungeon. However to make it to the next couple character levels, I needed harder monsters to fight. So I decided to go down a few dungeon levels.

I was careful with the various evil hounds that attacked. Then I ran into Medusa in a corridor. This was lucky because she was summoning hydras a bit. I hasted myself, cast my shield spell, and also casted a resistance spell. You never know when extra resistance protection can save you.

My Lance of the Eorlings weapon smite Medusa quite a few times. I guess she counts as an evil creature, so I do a nice average 357 points of damage per round. It was disturbing that Medusa's hit points were not draining quick enough. However I kept up the attack until I had her head. Then I finished up, bumping off the hydras she summoned. The bummer was that she only dropped gold for me. No artifacts were found.

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