Another Legend

A friend of mine got me hooked on this game Legend of Green Dragon (LOGD). I have been struggling with the game. I would level up, only to get defeated in battle. I lose a lot of experience when that happens. Plus my gold gets depleted. How the heck to these players on the top of the leaderboard keep their scores? I know they are playing frequently.

Just this week I figured it out. In the past, I would always challenge monsters that were the same level as me. I tried to run when the battle turned against me. But I would die a lot when the monster prevented my escape. Turns out I was using the wrong strategy. I should be beating up on the little guys.

In LOGD, you can look for a fight. That will get you a challenging opponent. You can also "go slumming". That means look for weaker monsters to kill. I like that options. It is rare that a monster of a lower level can take me out. Now I have gained back all the lost experience from dieing, and then some.

Players on the top of the leaderboard better watch out. I am climbing the ranks. Oh yeah. I am also looking into writing a version of LOGD myself. But that's a story for a future post.