Leather Shield of the Haradrim

I got my character level 35 human mage running pretty smoothly in Angband. Was worried for a while because I did not have the standard resistance for a while. Now I have at least one item which provides resistance to acid/lightning/fire/cold.

The most interesting item I wield is the Leather Shield of the Haradrim. It gives me +1 attacks. An extra swing each turn is quite delicious for hand to hand combat. I also wear two +5 constitution rings maxxing out my constitution to 18/*** and my hit points to 593.

I am trying to beef up my speed. Right now it is only +8. Would like to make it to at least +10 to be twice as fast as usual. Need another item of resistance to get take 1/9 the damage instead of the current 1/3 damage. I also would like something that speeds regeneration. You never know when you will be on the run and want to regain hit points and mana pronto. There is only one other character ahead of me in the Angband Hall of Fame. It will take many moons to catch him though.