Hello World

I just read a post about a veteran game developer. He shared his advice on how to break into gaming. And no, you should not start out trying to write a doom clone. Instead you need to take some baby steps. Your first program must be Hello World.

Well I decided to follow the steps exactly in the order that he recommends. I tried learning some Java in the past year. Now I am getting a little rusty. So I banged out a Hello World Java app in a little bit of time.

Now comes the next challenge. You got to write a Tic-Tac-Toe game. It don't need any fancy graphics. In fact, it does not need any graphics at all. It just has to work. So let me go off and code it. I had a hankering to write it up in HTML (my current college class), but I will stick with Java.

Don't worry. At the end of the 10 program journey, I will be rocking with a Pong clone. No it won't quite be Doom or Quake shattering 3D. But it will be a fun journey. I think that is what my guru is trying to teach me here.