The Power of Java

This week I finish up a college class on the Java programming language. That is going to do two things: (1) give me some more free time for programming, and (2) provide me with the the basic skills to code some wicked rogue-like features in a game.

Earlier this year I wrote Dungeon Level 1 (dL1), a seven day rogue-like creation. It was pretty weak compared to polished Rogue-like games. However I coded it up in seven days. And I was a real newbie Java programmer.

Now I plan to release a new version that improve playability. I also want to use the game and my new programming knowledge to experiment with some common rogue operations. You know? I want to put some speed in the game. And I want to add cool weapons. But I will start with baby steps. I need to put more than one dungeon level in the game. I wonder whether I will still call it Dungeon Level 1.