The Amulet of Sustenance

As I get lower in the Angband dungeon, I carry around a bunch of Potions of Restore Life Levels. I don't want to waste time coming back up to town to buy them. And I want my kills to count towards my experience, even after somebody drain my life.

I was exited to buy an Amulet of Sustenance. It claims to sustain your life force. There is only just one problem. Monsters are draining my life force left and right. I guess I don't understand exactly what this amulet does. Might be time to switch it out for another more useful amulet.

Now I am back to carrying Potions of Restore Life Levels. There are too many opponents who are draining. I did hit the high score on the Angband Hall of Fame. And I am still alive ... for now.

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