The Balrog of Moria

I was wandering around deep in the dungeon. It was around dungeon level 50. Saw a huge number of demons and such congregating in a room. So I started attacking them. The problem was that they kept summoning their friends. I would kill until my HP got low. Then I would teleport out of there.

Eventually they burned up a lot of my spell books. The good books remained. But I lost the ability to teleport. Then I found out why there were so many demons in town. I was up against the Balrog of Moria. He was tough to kill. But I got the job done. I thought I would finish off all his minions before returning to town. No suck luck.

I was a bit handicapped by the loss of my spell books. Yes I should have been carrying multiple copies of each of them. I would get close to getting the demons under control. Then someone would summon a bunch more. The lesser balrogs were tough to beat. Eventually my HP got low. So I read a scroll of word of recall. It was too bad because I did not pick up any treasure from defeating all the demons. I did raise a couple character levels. That is significant because it takes a couple hundred thousand experience points for each level.

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