Get Your Koobas On

I am still checking out finished 7DRL entries. Today I started with Feeding Frenzy. The author provided "blog notes" which was a nice touch. Looks like the guy did five full days of coding. You eat power ups int he game. You can also eat some other monsters. I went down a level and got stuck in a room with no exits.

Next I played Koobas. The file I downloaded was named "". The game was written in Java. I appreciated that there was a batch file to run the game. There was a 3D rotating room as a splash screen. There was a Doom style interface during game play. You hold a sword that sways. Your FPS is shown in the upper left hand corner. Move toward the bars to get the gates to raise and let you pass. The bats beat me up in this game.

Finally I played "We Have a Bug". It started with a screen showing the 10 commandments of doom. WTF? You are a little devil that can move around an essentially empty screen. There is an anarchy symbol in the middle of the room. I never saw any enemies. And I never got out of the initial room.

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