RogueMan is Pacman

Today I checked out some more 7DRL entries. First I tried "High Upon the Mountain". It was distributed as a RAR file. There was a weird splash screen graphic on the start. In the game, winter is coming. However your village lost its crops. The graphic icon that represents you dances a bit. My character walked North. It eventually walked off the screen, and the game aborted. Ooops.

Next I tried "A Rogue Harvest". This is also known as HarvestRL. Goal is to defeat the evil spirit that haunts the village. You lose when you die, or all the villagers die or become possessed. The game is distributed via Google docs. A separate MS-DOS style window remains open when you play. I moved over an omega character on the screen, which caused me to descend down. I died in my first battle at the hands of a Giant Snake.

Finally I played RogueMan. This is a Pacman variation. The longer your play, the more ghosts there are. All ghosts are green. And there are more than four of them if you play for any time. It was hard to make turns because you need to be lined up perfectly with the paths. The screen shakes if a ghost touches you. I could not figure out how to go down the stairs in this game. It was fun though.

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