Couple More Duds

I played a couple new 7DRL entries today. First one was Malleus Goblinficarium. There did not seem to be any maze in this game. There were five dice on the bottom of the screen. Two dancing characters stood on two sides of what looked to be a fire. WTF is this?

Next up was Rogue Space Marine. It was made with Gamemaker Studio. I found a lot of files in the directory when I unzipped the thing. You got a space suit on. Looks like possible moves are highlighted in green. The bad guys shoot at you. I could never figure out how to attack them though.

Last game was Omicron. It is shared on a Google drive as an executable. This executable is a self-extractor for the game. Looks like it was written in Java and comes with its own JRE. It seems like you need to click to move with this game. My first enemy was a dragon. I could not figure out how to attack the darn thing. I gave up quick.

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