Famine Rogue

Last game I tried today was Famine Rogue. This one needs the Unity Player. When I move, it seems my food count decreases. Okay. I go and plant some food I think. There are no enemies on level one. I return home to end the day.

Day 2 has an enemy solider in the field. I kill him. Still planting food I guess? I return home to get to day 3. When day 3 starts, I find that I can harvest my crops. I get to eat my food. I am powering up. Even kill a couple more soldiers.

Next day in the game, I am back to planting crops. I die of starvation. Maybe I should switch up my tactics, and forget fighting soliders? Or perhaps I should make a bee line to home to get to day 3 before my food runs out. I don't know.

This game is fun in that it has a new twist.

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