7DRL Bad Luck All Around

Today I started by downloaded 7DRL entry APPA2. Not sure what that stands for. It unzips into a folder called WindowsNoEditor. What? I presume this thing uses the Unreal engine. Because it detected that I did not have the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime or DirectX. Luckily Unreal could download and install those required pieces.

APPA2 is played in a hex grid which I suppose is in space because I pilot some kind of ship. The whole grid shifts each time I move. Moving causes the ship to automatically fire lasers at close by enemies. The enemies come after you. After a battle or two I died. The movement seemed slow.

Next up I tried Theseus. This game is downloaded from itch.io. You got to find and kill the minotaur. Apparently the maze shifts as you play. I never really noticed because some bird killed me in my first battle. The same bird killed me in the first battle in my next two tries. Ack. This game is too hard.

Finally I looked at a game called Scroll. I laughed at the requirements for the thing. You need the Haskell platform. ncurses, a browser, and telnet. Well I got an old browser. But that is it. So I skipped this game. Having a bad day with the roguelike entries today.

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