Phage is Hard

Okay another round of 7DRL games were tried. Started with Edwin's 7DRL. What a name. It did not run in Internet Explorer. Tried Firefox. Unity web browser started up. Eventually Firefox says, "Web audio API is not supported in this browser". I had to stop some script that was taking a long time to load. Never got the game to start.

Then I tried NoirRL. You play a detective who must raise cash for his brother's ransom. In this game you must explicitly open doors to get through them. I climbed the stairs up to New York city. You see what you have explored. Turns out the level extends to the end of the screen and no more. Therefore there is no scrolling. Unfortunately I could not figure out what to do in this game.

Finally I played Phage. An MSDOS style window stays open while the game runs. The font is small. But the graphics are cool. Unfortunately the game is way too hard. I died in my first battle each time I played. Then the monsters run around while I am dead. This could have been a great game with a little more balance.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I know that lack of instructions is problem in NoirRL. If you would try this game, I can tell that lasts (I hope) minor bugs are fixed and I wrote 'hint' in readme - like 'how to start'. On table in your home is phone ('%'). Use them often :) First - listen the kindappers. Later call to police and go to ny police office. Talk to policeman, solve riddle (first case is very simple and a little ridiculous, just go through maze). Talk to policeman, get cash, back to home, call to police in Nashville, etc.
Greets, Ved

Risto Saarelma said...

Thanks for the feedback on Phage. I now realize that I should've made the window start out bigger based on the user's monitor resolution, it can be resized to make the graphics bigger but this isn't obvious, and to add a HUD that will highlight the currently too strong creatures so that the player will know they'll need to power up before taking on them.

Legend of Angband said...

Vedrl - thanks for the hint. I saw the phone but thought it might just be a decoration. I guess it was crucial. Normally I get to find enemies quickly and start beating them up in Roguelikes. Sounds like NoirRL is a different story. By the way, the NoirRL name sounds very cool.

Legend of Angband said...

Hi Risto. I was able to resize the window. But I tell you. Every enemy I encounter kills me off in your game. LOL. I have not defeated one yet. And I have played a lot of times.

When I did get to avoid the enemies for a while, I liked the perspective in the game. Is that 2 and a half dimensions? Reminds me of the Zaxxon video game.

Risto Saarelma said...

You should be able to usually kill the yellow hopper creatures in Phage in your starting form. Then possess their corpses to get tougher and take on the next tier of enemies.

(In what I consider an actual game balance bug, defeating even the bottom tier enemies as exposed phage isn't 100 % certain because of randomness. Your feedback for losing the fight in your initial form is a game over, so things should be pretty deterministic at the starting level.)