7DRL Progress Day 1

All right. This afternoon I got down to business. I studied up my notes from my Visual Basic college class. Then I reviewed about ten small programs I wrote. I thought I was ready to go. Then I tried to display my maze and found that I did not know how to display ASCII graphics on the screen. Doh!

Well Google is my friend. I found the bare bones idea on how to manually paint the screen of a Visual Basic form. So I was off to the races. Got some text to show up. Then I created an array to hold the contents of my dungeon. Success.

Next I draw the character player. Finally I tried to implement moving the player. The screen was flickering bad when I refreshed the screen to show the new position of the player. Oh no. Luckily a Google search helped me figure out that I needed to turn on double buffering.

Good start for day one. The only trouble I see is that I got to go to work every day this week. So I had better make a lot more progress tomorrow. Maybe I will get up early? And do a little each day after work. One last day to clean up, and I should have a basic roguelike going on.

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