Rolling Around on Roli

I made it to page three of the 2015 7DRL entries at Rogue Temple. This time around, most of the game I checked out actually worked. So let's talk about Roli. It requires the Unity Web Player, which I guess I must have already. Running the game made Windows ask me if I wanted Unity to modify my system. I let it make the changes.

The splash screen for Roli has a purple cube that rotates in 3D. Nice touch. Once I started the game, I saw the relevance. Apparently you are a purple jellybean that keeps moving on a rotating cube. If you fall in the holes that appear, you get assimilated by the cube. Is this the Borg?

It seems your goal is to run over the blue jellybeans. The counter on the screen indicates that I needed to capture all 18 blue jellybeans. I cannot say. I could never get all the jellybeans. This game is fun but hard. I can only imagine the game gets harder as you go along.

The purple jellybean moves in the direction it is going unless you change directions. This does not feel like a roguelike game. But it was nice to play.

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