Strong 7DRL Contenders

Today I played three really good Roguelikes. It started with "Never To Tell". This one is called a puzzle roguelike. There are no direct attacks in this game. You need to lure the enemies to self destruct. It looked like a kids game because of the cute graphics. There are two faces on the sides of the board that sometimes have commentary. This feels like a commercial game. The author has not opened sourced the game because it might go commercial in the future.

 Next up was "Vamps and Wolves". The window title says Empary_Engine_3D. I assume this is somehow related to DirectX. Your goal in this game is to sneak out of the Dark Lord's castle. There are some dead ends in the maze. The wall graphic tiles were nice. The player character looks like he wields a staff. I laughed at some emoticons over top of the wolf enemy. Messages scrolled down the screen quickly before I could read them. Most enemies do not seem to move. Some items in the maze make some of the maze walls disappear.

Last up was Sneak. This game was made with LOVE. Your goal is to kill the bright green target. I killed it in my first try. But then you have to escape back up the stairs. I failed at that goal. Guards roam around. You see their flashlights. If the guards see you, you lose. One thing unusual about this game was that although the walls constrain your direction, you character can overlap the walls a bit. Strange.

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