RogueX is Fun

Today I started by playing RogueX. This game needs the Unity Web Player. I was happy that it worked in Internet Explorer for me. Another interesting fact is that the game was developed by a 13 year old. Nice.

The game purports to have random maze generation. However the dungeon looked too strategically draw to just be random. Either that, or there is a good routine to make the paths interesting. I have not died in this game yet. Is this due to my skills? Or maybe the game is not too hard. I like that.

There is an annoying development console which spits out messages that scroll up over top of the playing field. Buttons to close/clear it work temporarily until there are more messages. I could only see part of the development messages. I laughed when I saw one message state that "object reference not set to an instance of an ..."

The map is centered in this game. Normally that annoys me. But in this game it is fine. The little cherries are for health. Diagonal movements don't seem to work. And every time you go on top of stairs or armor, you got to use the mouse to answer the question of whether you want to go down or wield the armor. That is annoying.

All thing said, this game is really fun. Colors are nice. Game play is good. Feels balanced in my favor which I like. I wonder if I could just go on forever into the depths of RogueX?

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