When You Got To Go...

I tried out a couple more 7DRL entry games today. First up was Goblins-COM. This does not seem to be a turn based game. It is real time. The map was small. But it was cool looking. Unfortunately I could never figure out how to move, even when I consulted the instructions. Next.

Then I tried "I Need To Go". On the game site it was called "I Gotta Go". Oh boy. Your goal is to find the toilet, so you can go to the bathroom. Ha ha. The screen is really distracting. It took a long while to figure out where I was. The background colors change and the spotlight beams switch up. Very annoying actually. People get mad if they see you relieving yourself. I got thrown out of the bar every time. This game was good for a laugh or two. The unique thing about it, aside from the distracting screen, was that music played during the whole game. That's a nice touch.

Last up I tried Into The Darkness. It is distributed through itch.io. The game requires a modern browser. Of course it did not work in my Internet Explorer. But it did run in Firefox. The map moves to keep you centered. In my first battle, I got poisoned and died. Oh well. I had enough of that game.

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