Save by the Cipher Trials

It has been rough going with these latest 7DRL entries. I tried one called Cinnamon Fins RL. It was slow to start. There were weird symbols in the maze. I pressed "n" for a new game. All I got from that was a big LOSE plastered over the screen. Then I tried to quit. Was forced to pressed ESC to make the program end.

Next up I tried Ponzu. It did not work in Internet Explorer. It did work in Firefox. Letter were clipped below the line, making it hard to read letters like p or q. What is there? There was no maze. I had to sell stuff. Ummm no.

Finally I got to Cipher Trials. This uses LOVE, which I assume is some library or framework. The directions say you get to make up to four mistakes per level. Use WASD to move. There was some weird perspective when moving through doors. Finally I got to open a book and see a bunch of symbols. Aha. It looks like I need to figure out what each of the symbols stands for. This could get interesting...

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