Space Bears

Okay. So I thought I would give some more 7DRL games a go today. First up was the best one. It is called "Beware of the Space Bears". The terrain changes significantly when you walk outside your house. Multiple items can be stacked per spot. There was a 3D printer in one of the rooms. Unfortunately when I tried to use it, a menu came up and froze the game.

Next up was TradeWarsRL. This is supposedly based on an old BBS game called Tradewars. Your job is to go find and kill a Ferrengi ship. Aha. Sounds like a Star Trek mission. There is no visual map in this game. You got to enter coordinates for your ship to travel to. You also need to enter commands as well. Feels old school.

Last I tried Combat Chess. Sounds good as I like chess. Directions say all moves are to be made by mouse. Fine by me. Unfortunately the game bombs when I run it on my Windows 7 machine. Oh well.

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