Finishing Up My Roguelike

I decided to make the goal of my Roguelike game RoguePac to achieve character level 10 in the game. Yeah. That's not a grand quest. But it is good enough. The goal was not to make some type of ground breaking Roguelike. It was to get experience writing a real program using Visual Basic. Mission achieved. I am amazed at how much VB I have forgotten since I took a college class in it a year ago.

My finishing touch was to add an instructions screen that comes up when the game first starts. I want to give the player a fighting chance against this gang of ghosts. And that is to make sure the player knows how to move, and to inform them that they need to eat those power pellets. Sure this is not a Pacman game. But it is a Pacman style Roguelike.

I completed this year's challenge in a record two days. This week I am going to be busy with work. Could not get any time off this year. I wish I could spend a whole week diving in and producing a sweet VB implementation. But I guess that's what the 7DRL is all about. You don't get a lot of time. You got to make the hard decisions and produce something rather quickly. Perhaps I will know enough Python to write a Python Roguelike next year.

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