We Have Graphics

My 7DRL entry RoguePac used standard ASCII graphics to draw things. Hey. That's how the original Rogue did things. So I followed suit. However while sampling all the games, I noticed a lot of sweet graphics. Time to up my game.

This coincided with me seeing a freely released Rogue Pack of graphic tiles by Kenney Vleugels. I had seen Kenney release other tiles for free before. Now there was no excuse of me not having artistic skills. I could use someone else's images.

The changes to my code were not too drastic. All the drawing happened in my paint handler in Visual Basic. Instead of composing strings of ASCII text that I write to the screen, I instead needed to draw images to the screen.

Eventually I should optimize the paint routine to use images I load when the program first loads. As it stands now, I reload the images every time the player moves. However there are only a handful of unique images I use.

Now things are looking up for my Roguelike. I think I shall declare this version 1.1. Who know? Maybe this is a start to improving my game. I really hope to improve my game development skills along the way.

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