Feeling Dumb in DUMAZID

I went to the web page for the 7DRL game Firetail. The small animation on the page looked cool. The game is on a hex board. You battle ice. You leave a trail of fire. Very good. I downloaded and unzipped the file. Launched the thing. Got an impressive splash screen. But it did not fit on my screen. The mouse cursor turned into a crystal. But I could proceed no further.

Next I went on to DUMUZID. I liked that it was online. I really liked that it had instructions. The thing also had a leaderboard. Nice. I want to get my name up on there. The thing that is complicated is that the game changes the mechanics a bit. You absorb enemies. Your character becomes some kind of growing tetris object.

Unfortunately I had trouble figuring out the symbology on DUMUZID. I ended up getting killed a lot when I did not know what was happening. Never even found the stairs down to the second level. Believe me I tried. Oh well. I had fun trying at least. Onto some other new games.

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Darren Grey said...

I've made an update for FireTail - if you give it a go again it should work!