Making it to the Promised Land

I tried out a couple more Roguelike entries from the 7DRL today. First up was The Chase. It seemed to be written in Python. There were some really nice graphic instructions on how to play. I was warned "you will die lots." They did not lie. There were graphic tiles for the game. I think you are the dude with the hat. The movement was really choppy. It distracted me.

Next I tried The Promised Land. Would not work in Internet Explorer. All I got was a message that said "please enable JavaScript." Worked fine in Firefox. Initially I was presented with a sign for a reward to capture a Negro. What? Is this the 1800s? Later I decide the Negro might be me. The maze screen is small. Messages for me are centered down on the bottom. I knock out some slaves by hitting them. I could wade in the water, but not go too deep. I explored the whole area. Could not figure out what to do next.

Finally I tried High Tech Survival. The download was slow to start. The files were allegedly hosted on Google docs. Unfortunately I kept getting a 415 error. The message said the requested URL was not found on the server. I had the same problem when I tried to download both of the versions referenced on the game page. Dead before I even started the game.

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