Ori, Ochi, Onoe

Now for something different. I was at the itch.io site, trying to download a 7DRL entry. I had heard about this site before. It seems to be a storefront for independent developers to sell their wares. I searched around the site and found "Ori, Ochi, Onoe". It is an interactive fiction game.

Okay. So the title of the game is three women's names. I start up the game. I figure the narrator must be one of the women. Then this naarator gets a girlfriend. Oh oh. Is this some type of lesbian literature? Turns out the narrator is a dude. Okay.

I like that the game makes it easy to save your progress. You use one of the available bookmarks. There is a lot of music. There are graphics for the different scenes. You mostly read text that you cycle through. Once in a while, a graphic of a person is superimposed on top of the background graphic.

Let's see where this goes. Maybe the three women are chicks that the narrator meets during the story.

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