Fighting in the Xeno Wars

Today I continued to check out 7DRL entries. I first tried Fern Gully 3. Isn't that a movie? This game is also known as Hexxus Quest. It displays a blank screen in Internet Explorer. But it works in Firefox. The goal is to get the horn of the unicorn. There are weird symbols for the floors in the rooms. When I attack, it says, "You cast finger of death." Oh. And the monsters appear to go through the walls?

Next I tried Hurt Yoghurt. It requires the Unity web player. Use WASD to move. It starts by telling me I am at the top of the tree. Okay. There is a weird face graphic in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Something is growing in the maze. Ahh. They grow into walls blocking your path. There is music playing in the background.

Finally I played XenoWars. You get missions. Your team fires at the enemies. Sounds play when you move. You groan when you die. I could not find the target sector before biting the dust in this one.

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