Ardennes Redux

I tried playing Warden's Duty. At first I thought I was doomed because it requires a modern browser. The direction say to press enter. Pressing enter in Internet Explorer does nothing. However it did work in Firefox. There are some weird stats on the bottom of the screen like a fluctuating health bar. Not sure I fully understand the movement in this game. Sometimes I press a direction and nothing happens. Later I press a movement and see a huge font monster on the screen. The wonky movement just could not keep my interest.

Then I moved on to Adrennes. This was the first game I saw after finishing my own Roguelike. It was not finished then. Now it is done. Apparently it is based on a game called No Soldier Left Behind. And it shows. You choose a mission. You choose actions for each of your soldiers. The actions are cards. Sounds like a Risk or Conquest style board game. The mission I chose only gave me 24 moves to achieve my goal. Pressure on. I liked the fact that there are already post-7DRL bug fixes for this game.

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