In Search of Goblin Gold

Today I start out by playing 7DRL entry Goblin Gold. It has a hex style grid. That makes you move diagonally most of the time. The graphics are small but good. There is a health meter with hearts. I got killed pretty quickly initially. Then I figured that enemies leave you alone if you are far enough away from them. Your goal is to collect 16 chests.

Next I played Lost Valkyrie. Per the directions, you can apparently throw a spear. Looks like the game is written in Python. The read-me says the game was based on the code for Iron Fist. The game had a cool splash screen. I could not move diagonally. And I thought I heard some sounds from the game while I was in battle.

Finally I tried Forlorn Four. You name and play four different characters in a party. I could not figure out how to move unfortunately.

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