Ending up in a Rogue Caravan

Today I start out by playing Quaff. At first I did not even know how to launch the game. Apparently you run the t-engine executable. The thing is menu based to start. There are some elaborate potion rules in this game. I did not really get into this game.

Next I played Neon Zelda. How could you not like a Zelda style game? Well let me tell you. The game starts off positive with a cool splash screen and music. The game has real time play. It is not turn based. It seems doors are a one way deal. You cannot turn back and go back out a door. I could not figure out how to kill enemies. A small bat beat up on me until I died. Next.

Last up was Rogue Caravan. This one is a bit different. You move between cities on either side of the screen to earn points. You must avoid the bandits. This is a classic strategy game. The whole board is visible at all times, which I like. Unfortunately you die as soon as the bandits find you. That makes it a bit tough. Got to work on some better tactics.

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