Loving the Void Sanctum

All right. I tried out Conservation of Ninjutsu. Felt like deja vu. Internet Explorer complained about WebGL. Okay. I reverted back to Firefox. This game seemed to lock up my Firefox browser. The window would not respond to me. Oh well. I killed the browser and that was that for the game.

Then I downloaded Void Sanctum. Weird name. Great game so far. The center of the screen is your standard roguelike display. Except the colors are pretty nice. There are some other graphics around the border of the screen. I got to read a cool real looking scroll. It reminded me of the game Myst.

At first it felt like there were a lot of doors in the dungeon. The paths were constrained. Then I got past the scroll and the dungeon opened up. There was a lot of free space once I figured to pass the /// symbols, which must have been a door to the outside world.

There are a lot of things to like about Void Sanctum. There is a slick GUI for inventory management. You literally drag and drop items to the center of the screen to wield them. I also like the splattering of blood on the screen when you kill a monster. I got a lot more exploring to do in this game.

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