Second Page. Second Stepper.

I got to the second page of 7DRL entries at rogue temple. First up is Second Stepper. You got to install the Unity Web Player for this thing to run. Okay. Level one has you finding a partner. LOL. Then you control both your player and your partner at the same time. There is an hourglass timer on the screen. No monsters on level one. Level two adds enemies that fire are you like the Asteroids arcade game.

Next up I tried Heart of Morning. It had MS-DOS style text screens. Felt very retro. The window for the game is a fixed size which was a distraction. I can't complain much because my own entry had a fixed window. There were a lot of monster encountered in this game. However I liked that I killed about 20 and am still alive. Some of the tunnels require diagonal movement to navigate. They are drawn strange in that you see the path for the tunnels, but not the walls on the sides. This feels very much like a class roguelike, which I enjoy.

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