7DRL Begins

All right. It is time once again to write a roguelike game in seven days. This year I plan to have a Pacman based theme. I will call my game RoguePac. Initially I thought I might be able to write my game in the Python programming language. However I am still learning it. And I don't think I can pump out something that draws a dungeon within a week.

I do like to use the 7DRL challenge to push myself to learn something new. Therefore I think I shall write the game in Visual Basic. I took a community college class in VB around a year ago. Did a lot of small programs to learn during the class. Never did create that big project outside of the class. Now is the time.

Good luck to all in the 7DRL challenge. Today is the first day. But I already say around 120 project registered on Rogue Temple. Impressive. Let's hope we see some good stuff this year.

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