Not Too Lucky

I tried a couple more 7DRL games today. First was RoyaLe. It needed 1280x1024 resolution. That is just a bit too tall for my laptop screen. I needed to make an initial choice to start the game. Never figured out how to make that choice.

Next up was Dead Blinger. You play an imp. You need to pimp monsters with treasure. How is that for a change of pace? Trouble is, I could never find any treasure. I did find something. The game declared that it was "???". Umm the game does not even know what I picked up?

Finally I player Rogue For Hire. Game window was too tall for my screen. I played it anyway. The field of vision lit up nicely in the game. I was starting to get the hang of aiming. Then the game froze. Did I die? Did the program die? I will never know.

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