Bad Luck in the Rogue Sector

I seem to be having a bunch of bad luck playing the 7DRL entries for this year. Started out with Random Action Arena. That's quite a name for a Roguelike. The requirements mentioned DirectX 9.0C. Not sure whether I got that on my machine or not. Turns out I must not. The game complained that X3DAudio1_7.dll was missing. Then it bombed.

Next up was the game Stay Strong. It is distributed as a raw executable. I like that. No installs. No unzipping. Just download and run. Windows warned me this was an unverified application. I went ahead anyway. The screen was small. But the font was big. Weird combo. I died in the first monster battle. Ouch. The funny thing was that the monster kept moving long after I was dead.

Finally I tried out Rogue Sector. I got excited when I started this thing up. You get to choose a ship. The three ship choices are rotating on the screen, waiting for you to choose. I picked the one with the best shields. I want to live as long as possible on my first run. You click on destination hex positions to move. Apparently all movement it by mouse. After a couple moves, the game froze. Damn.

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