Ducksoup Dungeon

The splash screen for Ducksoup Dungeon makes it look like this is a Nintendo game cartridge. The game does not seem to work in Internet Explorer. You start by choosing a character. I did not have any gold. So my only option was to choose the duck. Press F to finalize your choice.

There is music playing in the background as you play. The lighting moves in and out like a heartbeat. It is a nice effect. I figured that you press D to jump and F to fire. This game feels like a black and white version of Super Mario Brothers. Maybe that is why they showed the Nintendo cartridge in the beginning.

Initially I felt like I was stuck in a small area. Then I figured that I needed to blast my way out. And I needed to press the up arrow key to go through the doors. Oh this is very Mario like. The quality on this one felt very strong. Almost like a commercial game. Quite something for a 7DRL.

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