Roguelike Battle Mechanics

My Roguelike game RoguePac is coming along quite nicely. Previously I had added the ability for the player to attack and kill the ghosts. Now the ghosts attack back. It is a delicate balance to figure out player and monster hit points to start. Also tough to balance how much damage each does. Things are going to get thrown out of whack when I add more than one monster.

I did add some messaging to help the player figure out what is going on in the midst of battle. For now I put all the messages for one iteration through the game on a single line. Let's hope that I don't overflow the width of the screen. I also added a statistics line which only has the player hit points for now. Last thing I did was make the game halt once the player dies.

Okay. I think it might be time to add a couple more monsters into the mix. That will make it harder for the player to hack and slash. I want the player to need to have some tactics to survive the RoguePac.

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