The RNG Rules

Today I played a couple 7DRL entries. First up I tried Scattered Dungeon. Unfortunately, all I saw was some number and a Load Game button. I pressed the button. Nothing happened. Same behavior in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Oh well.

Next was RNG. Now usually I do not prefer Roguelike games that have no maze. But this one was quite interesting. I start by clicking what looks to be a 20 sided die. You got to spin it in a square to the right. That takes you to the next stage where you allocate weapons, shields, and power to your ship. Be warned that larger dice can only fit in larger boxes.

Then you use the die again to move the game forward. There is graphical style battle with other ships. Outcome is determined by the dice. The only trouble I had with RNG was that I rolled a die into the flee box. I was not in a battle. But trying to flee when there was no enemy caused a random but powerful enemy to come and defeat me.

Finally I tried a game called "You Got Explosives". It was stored on Google docs.The read-me and the game exclaimed, "You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike." LOL. Sounds familiar. The goal is to use explosives to blast your way out of the maze. Unfortunately I saw but never figured out how to use the explosives.

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