Triple Fail

I tried a few more games tonight. First was SavageRL. It was hosted on This was needed Unity Web Player, which I have. You start out on a hex board. You must click a hex location to select your zone. For some reason, my money count is decreasing on the upper right hand corner. After selecting a zone, the screen changes to some 3D view controlled by the keyboard. I could not get my bearing in this game. Quit before I ever found a monster to attack.

Next I tried Here Be Dragons 2. It requires Flash which I presume I have. The thing does not work in Internet Explorer nor Firefox. Oh well.

Last I tried Six Way Wanderer. There is a dude with a staff in the enter of the screen. Rotating around him are six icons. Okay. I guess those are the six ways? I could not figure how to get this game to even start. LOL. What a waste.

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