Mediocre Friday

Played a couple more 7DRL entries today. First I played Strive. Saw a couple traits that seem to be a trend. For example, press N for new game. And also I saw a separate MSDOS style window open during the game run. I hit something on the screen. Seemed like an explosion ensued. I took damage. How can I pick up this armor on the floor? Unknown. This was written by SuperDev. His Twitter says you can use rocket launchers in this game.

Next I tried Robbery RL. I tried to move to the right but was prevented because I did not collect enough loot. LOL. This was made with PureScript? What is that? A JavaScript derivative? It says it needs IE11 or Chrome. I was able to play in Firefox. You get to choose you class in this game. nice. Font is small and red. That makes it had to read. This moves like a platformer to the right. I died fighting the first guard I met.

Last game I tried was Curse of Dry Hills. The colors on this was are nice. Messages scroll at the top of the screen in a non-obtrusive dark gray. You are informed when you regain hit points. When I died, the game gave me a hint to pick up health globes to restore my HP. That was a nice touch. There are a lot of animals out there in the wild that all want to see to kill you. What is up with that?

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