Game Developer Interview

I saw what seems to be an advertisement for a game developer position. It is very unorthodox. You are to meet up with the "CEO" so he can do a pre-interview with you. The strange part is that you meet him for a pre-interview within the Diablo 3 game.

How is that for a test on whether you have some Diablo chops? Apparently the CEO is a level 60 character with damage of 25,000. Those stats seem legit. I wonder whether he earned such a state by playing the game himself.

Apparently one developer who impresses the CEO enough will be invited for an in person interview. The goal will be to determine whether a job offer for a development position is warrented.

Seems strange that they would just invite one developer in person. What happens if the job is offered and the developer declines? Or how about the case where the developer sounded good online, but is not a fit in person?

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