Gearing up for a 7DRL

Plans are under way to choose a day for this year's 7DRL competition. Since I have been trying to get deeper into the JavaScript programming language recently, I figured I would be coding my game in JavaScript. The only problem is that it might be a fresh start. I only made one game in JavaScript a long time ago. And that game was weak. Thus I am on a trek to improve my JS skills. What is a developer to do?

I had a library of Java code that was minimal, but helpful to do roguelikes. I think I might just have to port that code over to JavaScript. Today I took a look at that library. It consisted of about 12 Java classes. They do some minimal work. At least the code was clean. Now the work is to figure out how to make that code work in JavaScript.

Item and monster data is hard coded. But that is okay. Lots of other features are controlled by constants in the ode. Time to get to work porting this code over to JS. I got a good month or two before the 7DRL contest begins.

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Joseph said...

Mine is going to use all my own graphics this year, so I was thinking of drawing them up before hand. I already have my dungeon builder from another project, as well as a grid based movement engine. So then it's just items, interactions and monster behavior.

After that I can actually make a game. :-)

I find I spend way too much time on engine and not enough on game, so it's good to have a lot of the engine already.