Taking a Crawle

I was reading about a post where an independent developer was getting ready to throw in the towel. Guess game development was taking its toll. I decided to take a look at the game. I downloaded the installer. Then I launched it. Program was installed and I started it up.

Immediatly I received a message stating my client was out of date. What? I just installed the program. Oh well. I let the program update itself. Then I started up the game again. I had to create a world. Then I tried to play, but ended up in the create world menu again. Eventually I got to start playing the first world I created.

At first I could not figure out how to move my character. Then I found that the AWDS keys control movement. I picked up a few items like branches. Kept heading North and got to the end of the island. Then I headed West. It was strange that this demo had a countdown in units of milliseconds. I kept trying to convert the milliseconds to seconds or minutes.

The countdown did not affect me. I walked over top what looked to be a dog (the graphics are tiny). Turns out it must have been a wolf or something. I died immediately. The music was good. Some of the graphics were decent. Just could not get into the game.

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